About Marble

Marble carries the reputation of being a durable stone. Marble countertops are used for stairs, bathrooms and flooring purposes. Our marble experts test and document the properties of marble in our factory. Our marble countertops are high cost-effective and readily available. We have some amazing marble types for customer looking to add some luxury in their kitchen countertops. Our marble adds extremely white and shinning surface and veining to the space decorated with marble.

MARBLE Countertops


Our famous marble types

Our famous marble types • Grey and White Marble • Chambeli Marble • Coke Marble • Pakistan Fossil Marble • Pakistan Olive Brown Marble • Amazing Brown Marble • Pakistan Elegant Beige Marble • Elegant Grey Marble • Silver Brown Wave Marble • Striato Moka Marble • Oceanic Grey Marble • Jade Leaf Marble • German Red Sand • Royal Amber Gold Marble • Balochistan Royal Cream • Fossil Yellow Wood • Botticino Cream Marble • Kemore White Marble • Rose Vella Marble • Ziarat Grey Marble

Spectacular beauty with marble countertops

Everyone knows that marble offers spectacular beauty to homes. There are many colors and patterns of this igneous stone which provide wonderful display in the home. One can choose colors from solid black, solid while along with from this wide range of hues such as black and white spectrums, green, gray, yellow and rose. Marble pieces are not alike most of the time; therefore, color combination offers unique appearance to countertops.

Heat resistant

Marble products are heat resistant. Now, one assumes, how? Answer is simple. During winters it will not get too cold and during summer, it will not get too hot. In this way marble countertops sustain a smooth and lively environment in the home

Customized marble services

We are offering our clients customized marble services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Customers may come with their expectations and needs so that our experts will figure out what kind of marble they are looking for. Our marble craftsmen will provide you the exact solutions as needed to uplift your home appearance considering the affordability.